Molly Raher Newman

EMILY CARR: Selected Readings and SERENADE:Music of Antique Instruments



"Words Enough"-Selected Readings of Emily Carr CD

This single 73 minute CD is a sampling of stories and tales, philosophical thoughts
and musings of Canada's most famous Painter. Animal stories about peacocks, and ravens, birds, dogs and her popular Java monkey Woo. Famous quotations about art, painting, philosophy, nature and creativity.
Read by actress/artist
Molly Raher Newman, with musical interludes of dulcimer, bowed psaltery and zithers to break up the quotes.

"The Book of Small" EMILY CARR Talking Book 6 CD set

Delightful writings about Emily's early life in Victoria...How the Empress Hotel was built, stories about Dr. Helmken, Bishop Cridge, Sir James Douglas;
and stories of her family and home in early James Bay. Lots of fun, great to read aloud in small segments. There are 5 CDs in the talking book, and the set comes with the sound track of the music as's like getting the soundtrack with the movie!

Molly Malone of Rig-Jig Celtic Street Band

Molly Plays 14 instruments, covering 6 musical genres: ragtime,dixieland,celtic,
blues,early music,& bluegrass. She is best known for her percussion-playing abilities, performing as special guest in various bands as well as studio musician in recording projects. Molly's energy in performance is matched by a sensitivity to her audiences and what it takes to make them enjoy the show. An international musician, she has played both sides of the border. She hosted several local TV interview shows for over five years, and has been on the local scene as a performer and "music facilitator" for 20 years with special events planning a specialty.
Molly played the famous role of "Diamond Tooth Gertie"in Dawson City Yukon, and since that time she has had a certain sparkle in her smile, and became known around Victoria as "Diamond Tooth Molly" of the Tappin'Toes Jazz Band.
Molly is also a member of the Victoria Mandolin Orchestra, the Island Thyme Morris Dancers, and she hosts an entertainment variety evening at the Blethering Place Restaurant called "Musical Trifle" on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. Schedule:
RIG-A-JIG on 1st & 3rd Fridays at the Blethering Place Restaurant,(Monterey & Oak Bay Aves.)7:00-9:00pm
MUSICAL TRIFLE performs on
the 2nd & 4th the BP. More information available by phoning Molly at 250-384-9046. Blethering Place Tea Room Reservations:250-598-1413
For a sample recording of the band Rig-A-Jig, or of Molly's solo instrumental recording
"Serenade-Music of Antique Instruments." email Molly at:


EMILY CARR - Artist& Author

Molly has played the role of EMILY CARR for over 4 years, appearing at Emily Carr House, the Royal British Columbia Museum, The Art Gallery of Victoria, and at community functions such as the Moss Street Paint-In, Gorge-On-Art, art gallery openings, street festivals, art fairs. Molly is an artist of 38 years, and yet Molly was inspired to perform in EMILY CARR's character to focus attention on the written works of EMILY CARR - 7 volumes,books Emily's life & schooling in, about early Victoria and what it was like to live in British Columbia in the world for over 6 decades. Emily's anecdotes, thoughts, journals and artist's notes comprise the complete body of her writen works. Molly's broad art training in Europe and in San Francisco set a foundation for her "living" interpretation of Emily Carr's spirit and style -
painting "live art", reading from Emily's works, reciting quotations from her books and public addresses and inspiring others to seek their own creativity. Her performances have audiences raving: "It's Emily - It's HER voice!"
The Books of EMILY CARR, are now being produced in talking book form, and represents the largest EMILY CARR Audio project ever undertaken: Book of Small, House of Allsorts, Growing Pains, Heart of a Peacock, Pause, Hundreds and Thousands(Journals of an Artist),Klee Wyck