Fiona Stuart Songs For Mona Lisa

Fiona Stuart, originally with the group Mosaic, releases her solo cd.

Fiona Stuart has been singing and composing music from a wee age, thanks to her musician mother and.At 16 she started playing in cafe's in Vancouver. Shortly After moving to Nanaimo, she joined the group Mosaic and played with them in a variety of venues for over 4 years. In the past year she has been playing solo, and with friends and family such as : Wendy Stuart (her mother), her sister (Jessica Stuart), and with friends David Harvey (bassist, guitar player), and Elly Parker (vocalist supreme). 
Many have likened Stuart's voice to the strength of Joan Baez and the sweetness of Judy Collins with a funky/folky style all her own. In this new solo C.D., she includes her original material (songs of love, songs of travel, songs of venting), and even a Japanese traditional folk song entitled: Soran Bushi. Her family has spiced up her C.D. with exotic instrumentation and back-up vocals, and David Harvey has added his bass expertese.Fiona herself plays guitar, vocals, african drum (djembe) and Rick Mayfield uses the congas.