Dave Kilbank

"Dave belted out his first note on June 15, 1954 in Fort William, Ontario. He was raised by a completely unmusical family who moved around a lot, and then got into the radio business which continued his transient lifestyle - that is, until he arrived on The Wet Coast. 

In Nanaimo, he discovered a very creative community, so he settled in, dabbled in theatre, and did some writing. Eventually, he got tired of producing radio advertising, so now he's left that behind to concentrate on his music, and has never been happier.

1. The Jungle Waits
2. Intimate Encounters
3. Going Flying
4. I Don't Know Why It Seems To Me
5. Reasons Of My Own
6. Wild As Wind
7. Girls Don't Really Want The Nice Guys
8. So Much To Tell
9. My Song For Kira Dawn
10.The Pink Blues
11.Last Night's Dreams