Coast String Fiddlers
Look To The Mountains

From British Columbia's Sunshine Coast, the CSF is comprised of the players of 22 fiddles, as well as a broad base of predominantly acoustic instruments: strings (both fretted and not), accordian, organ, piano, highland pipes, a range of percussion, and vocals (one track only).

The CSF are short on years and long on talent. With only an occasional slight wavering of pitch to betray the players' youth, the CSF have hundreds of collective years ahead of them to produce fine music, and they clearly are off to a fine start.

With several tracks featuring most of the fiddle section, this CD provides a unique listening experience. Imagine the effect of a full pipe band, but with strings instead. The full ensemble are included in several original arrangements of traditional times, including "Athol Highlanders", "Tamlin", "Drummond Castle", "The Wind That Shakes The Barley", and "Star of the County Down". Look to the Mountains has a stronger Scottish influence than is often found in recordings from New World Celtic artists.

Favorites include the finely crafted "Jig Set", "Tamlin", "Buchanan Birch", and "Lamentation for McGregor of Roro". The one vocal piece, "Highland Cathedral", with lyrics by Vancouver's Jack Whyte, relies on nature for an object lesson:
Look to the mountains when you turn to pray;
Think how they reach to Heaven every day,
Lifting their snowy heads and shoulders broad;
Offering all they are to the eyes of God.

These are cathedrals that no man could build;
Awesome and glorious and wonder-filled;
Each is a masterpiece, each one unique,
Living a prayer, though lacking a voice to speak.

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Track List

1 Jig Set : The Jig Runrig (Fergie Macdonald) / Allan Macpherson of Mosspark (P/M Angus Macdonald) / Paddy's Leather Breeches (traditional) 2 Athol Highlanders: (traditional) 3 Ode To The Backeddy: (Danny Hart) 4 Tamlin: (traditional) 5 Buchanan Birch: (Iain Fraser) 6 Mhari and Martin Set:Da Slockit Light (Tom Anderson) / Miss Linda MacFarlane (Robin Brock) / Drummond Castle (traditional) / The Wind That Shakes the Barley (traditional) / The Fairy Dance (Neil Gow) 7 Country Girl and The Hungarian Fiddler: (Calum Campbell) 8 Waking Up In The Morning Set: Star of the County Down (traditional) / Waking Up In The Morning (Jeremy Williams) / Cooney's Reel (traditional) 9 Lamentation For MacDonald Of Roro: (Patrick MacDonald Collection) 10 Prodigy: (Chelsea Sleep) 11 Inisheer: (Thomas Walsh) 12 Hellbound Train: (Mark Saul) 13 Tribute to Robert Burns: My Love Is Like A Lassie Yet (Duncan Gray) / Highland Laddie (traditional) 14 The 103: (James MacVarish Law) 15 Highland Cathedral: (Music Roever/Korb Words Jack Whyte)

Featured Artists

Holly Beckmyer - Fiddle Stephen Beckmyer - Fiddle, Ovtave Violin Joanna Dalgleish - Fiddle Tyler Dickson - Fiddle Danny Hart - Fiddle Jonas Heitland - Fiddle Kaija Heitland - Fiddle Sophie Heppell - Fiddle Hannah Klippenstein - Fiddle Rachel Klippenstein - Fiddle James McVarish Law - Fiddle, Mandolin, Electric Bass, Percussion Erin Macdonald - Fiddle Claire MacGillivray - Fiddle Rhian Quarry - Fiddle Mikhaila Searle - Fiddle Chelsea Sleep - Fiddle Colwyn Sleep - Fiddle Kiel Strang - Fiddle Katherine Sturdy - Fiddle Anna Williams - Fiddle Jeremy Williams - Fiddle Grant Wood - Accordion Heather Cattanach Beckmyer - Piano, Organ Erin Macdonald - Highland Bagpipes Lori Macdonald - Bass Drum Ann Law - Percussion Danny Hart - Upright Bass Ken Dalgleish - Piano Cathy Williams - Flute Robin Aulls - Guitar Jeff Beckmyer - Vocals