Flying Accusations
Now Arriving...

Originating from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, The Flying Accusations are the Island's SuperHeros of Torch and Twang! Their combination of Roots, backwoods, newgrass, altcountry and original tunes, will appeal to the most discriminating Hillbilly. They have risen to feature act status at musical events throughout British Columbia. One song may have you in hysterics, while the next one may leave you with a tear in your eye. Yes, this band can, and will, draw out your emotions. They specialize in down-home, full frontal, emotionally charged, in your face music; The less politically correct - the better. Mix in five part vocal harmonies that will raise the small hairs on the back of your neck and you've got the idea. Git ready to start yer toes atappin' and yer hands aclappin' - The Flying Accusations are here. YeeHaw!

Your new favorite Americana, Alt Country, Roots Newgrass band. Great tunes and harmonies. A stellar debut CD from the west coast of Canada.

Produced by David Essig.

1 Call Me Sweetheart
2 Roll On Muddy River
3 Can't Live Like That
4 17 Miles to Memphis
5 Johnny Was a Rebel
6 Barn Dance
7 Could It Be You
8 Lies Halftruth and Misinformation
9 Blackjack
10 End of the Line