Michelle Ross
HeartBody & Soul
Healing, Meditation & Sound

I recorded this CD with the intention of helping people take charge of their healing and growth,  to provide a useful ‘tool’ for experiencing more of what you want, i.e. health, wellness, peace, harmony, joy, & love.  Teaching others how to feel good,  sharing some of what I’ve learned along the way and increasing my own experiences of well-being in the process.

Change and wellness come from within.  I am the source of all that I think, feel and experience,  whether I judge it to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.   In other words,  I am the source of everything that shows up in my life, (good & bad.)  Everything and everyone else is a mirror, (for me anyways), of what is going on inside of me, (what I am vibrating, i.e. love or fear.)  The best way I know to help make a difference in the world and what I am experiencing, is to get busy ‘feeling good’.  It is through my ‘feeling good’ that I create more of the same around me, rippling ‘feeling good’ out into the world.  It is my desire that everyone who listens to my CD ‘feel good’.  I hope you do too.


With love & gratitude,

Michelle Dianne Ross

Reiki Master –Teacher

HeartBody & Soul Healing Centre


email: heartbody@shaw.ca


1. Intro and Chakra Colours Meditation
2. Deliberate Creation Meditation
3. An introduction to the "Aloha Mai" Heart Chant
4. "Aloha Mai" Heart Chant - Solo
5. "Aloha Mai" Heart Chant - Duet