24 Hour Church O Beer

24-HOUR Church of Beer is currently a power trio, consisting of Rev. Tim (bass, lead vocals, most words), Mutha Superior G (guitar, vocals), and Brother Lazarus (drums, vocals). While the power trio format has intrisic geometrical strength, the Church digs divine collaborative shows and sessions. DJ PJ, DJ Hash, Lari, The Reverend Forrest Jackson, keyboard genius Sean Lehay, Hurricane Betty, and The White Trash Gospel Choir have all helped with the Church's good works in recent times.

More about 24-HOUR Church of Beer....

Growing from the dark woods of a secluded island in Canada's stunning Georgia Strait, 24-HOUR Church of Beer evolved slowly, somewhat like mushrooms, or a lager yeast. In the 90's the band had two full drum kit players, including the current Brother Lazarus, and the long lost MC Jamie E (who knows if he's still alive?), former GOB bassist Jamie Fawkes, and trumpeteer Caleb Johnson. When Fawkes left to join GOB, Rev Tim put down the electric bouzouki in favor of the bass. Former guitarists included Colin (Captain Q) Kent, Paddy O'Rourke (father of DJ Cedar), and Guillaume Bickford. In 1996 the band recorded its first basment effort, the garage effort "...mmMediciney", which included such favorites as "Prozac", "Bastard", "Sefistikaded Inof" and "Schools' Out". Working with Lex Milton, (formerly of Nanaimo's Amoral Minority), the Church went on to recorded its next uberindie project "Bottle Drive" in 1998. Working in a huge condemned building with no heat in December, in a constant mushroom-and-beer haze, the project wasn't completed untill late in the following year. In 2001, a third session with Milton at his newer What If? Studios basement digs was fraught with technical difficulties, disputes and outright shouting matches, and spelt the beginning of the end of the lineup. Bickford dissapeared deep into the techno DJ woods. The tensions were far from over. When Mutha Superior G jioned up in 2003, things were looking up. Gigs were happing, but a series of knee injuries sustained by the Reverend began to frustrate Captain Q. At a show in Seattle (the CD release party for WAD's Clean Livin'), the two nearly came to blows, surprising the locals who had heard all about the bands laid-back pot smokin' ways. Q's priorities bagan to shift, and after some time had passed, the rest of the Church began to settle into a productive period of gigging, writing, and rehearsing. Now a power trio, the COB got a great opportunity to record at Studio V in Seattle, with the Rev's brother Lari at the board. The resulting CD was "The Incredible Impoliteness of Being...", and resulted in the Church signing with Vagrant Records in October 2006.
1. 24 HOUR Church of Beer
2. 1/4#
3. When the World Breaks Down
4. Beer
5. Tyrant Mind
6. Crest of the Wave
7. G.I.T.
8. Chronic
9. Witchy Woman
10.Private War