Bruce Wing & Judy Brunet
Saying Hello, Feeling Goodbye

Review by: Joanna Finch

"My heart started beating faster as soon as I heard the first notes of 'Out Of The Blue'. Judy's rich voice and the lush, jazzy arrangements on her new CD, 'Saying Hello Feeling Goodbye' has immediate appeal. Through the honesty of her writing, Judy connects to the listener on a very personal level, while still maintaining a thoughtful, mysterious quality, similar to great women lyricists Joni Mitchel, Joan Armatrading and Carly Simon. There is something familiar and comforting about these new songs, yet distinctive in their originality. There are gentle and hip swaying songs, folk with jazz undertones, catchy songs with great instrumentation. Judy's partner in love and music, Bruce Wing, has co-written some of the material and his arrangements have helped things take a new direction from 'Pieces of View', Judy's solo debut, (2002- Independent). He is a true 'sideman' who is tremendously talented at wholeheartedly enhancing the artistic ability of others. In live performances it is heart warming how the two support one another to bring their songs to life. These new songs are a little more musically sophisticated than 'Pieces of View' that showcased Judy's ability to write true blue, soon to be Canadian classics like 'Islander'. On 'Saying Hello Feeling Goodbye' Judy distinguishes
herself as a songwriter with an ability to pen songs that feel so familiar because of simple human truths spoken softly and sweetly by this gentle souled Vancouver Island treasure. This is a CD with which you will want to become intimate."

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1. Red Shale
2. Matters of the Heart
3. Place to Confide
4. Symtom of Lonely
5. Out of the Blue
6. Desert Lullaby
7. It's a Mystery
8. My Everything
9. It's Been Easy