Ron Mckee
Sonic Exposure


Born and raised in Nanaimo, B.C., I started playing music at the age of ten.

Playing guitar at 15 and then switching to bass at 19 just so I could join a band. The bass was the perfect fit.
My first gig was at Malaspina College Theater in April '85 with "DRUID"  We were a Mid-Evil Celtic rock band. Dressing in costumes and searching for that Crystal Soul.
The very next week I hit the bar circiut at the Queen's Hotel May '85 with Duffy Frank, Fred Izon & Bruce McCann. We were known as "REVOLVER"
This evolved into "LIGHTNING" with Ron Stewart and Bruce McCann. '87 
Then I was asked to join "BROADSTREET" (formally "Roulette")  Gerry Pool, Don Stevenson, Randy Haug and Ron McKee. We had a successfull 12 year run up and down Vancover Island.
"GYPSY HEART" was the next good band to come along. Theo Massop, Dennis Olsen and Pete Scheibel.
Through all of this I was learing how to write.
Ronsongs 1 1985,   Ronsongs 2  1988,  Ronsongs 3  1992,  Ronsongs 4  1995,  Ronsongs 5 1998,  Ronsongs 6  2001,  Ronsongs 7  2004. 
"Sonic Exposure" is an instrumental project in between RS 7 and RS 8.  
"Frozen Memories" (with Jim Blair),  Hard to Admit, Smack down and Lost One (which won 3rd place in a northern Alberta song writing competition) are among my favorites.
Although sometimes the production value may be in question, I feel the songs all have something to say. They are a result of allowing the music to take over.  PEACE
Ron Mckee
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1. Before You Stick
2. Frozen Memories
3. Hard To Admit
4. Five Ways
5. Our World
6. Lost One
7. Seven Times Around
8. Concealed
9. Smackdown
10. Sometimes