Susan and Fran The Merciful Moon

available in English and Hebrew

The Merciful Moon (B'chemlat Hal'vana) is an album of Hebrew songs of peace and celebration, "full of rhythms that lift your feet and your heart simultaneously"

These eleven contemporary pieces to sing, dance, move and be moved by, take us through an exciting emotional journey, of love and loss, joy and sorrow, and ultimately refresh our spirits.

'Yisrael Shema' is an ardent plea for peace, 'Not by Might' an exciting middle eastern mantra-dance and 'Gesher Tsar' connects us in ever-expanding harmony.

This recording is a not-to-be missed labour of love by two Canadian/Israeli songbirds who are a fusion of a female Simon and Garfunkle and Hebrew Indigo Girls.

"In a perfect weaving and blending of voices every song becomes the unexpected unfolding of an infinite number of counterpoint rhythms and harmony."Yisrael Shema" is powerful and evocative, in a sweeping melody that evokes and illuminates the entire past and present of the Jewish people and makes one long for peace...." -Cantor Linda Hirschhorn, 'Vocolot' director

1. Merciful Moon
2. Someone
3. Keep On Walking
4. Not By Might
5. A Gift of Song
6. Calming
7. Narrow Bridge
8. Hear O Israel
9. The Old Road
10.This Mist
11.Sim Shalom