Island Showcase 2004
Various Artists

featuring Gary Fjellgaard, Shari Ulrih,
Doug Cox & Brad Prevedoros

The first release by Island Showcase to commemorate its 7th Annual event. Held in Nanaimo and showcasing Vancouver Island Artists. Contact for more information about the festival.

Produced by Ric Lafontaine
Recorded at the Bailey Studio
by Jerry Paquette of Raincoast Studio
Mixed and mastered at bLUE eCHO music
cd artwork & design by Ric Lafontaine
Cover photo by Heydemann Art of Photography
Showcase Poster 2004 by B Multimedia

©2005  Island Showcase
SOCAN  All Rights Reserved  Made in Canada

1 Malecon - Gary Fjellgaard.
2. La Chonchita - The Stack Sisters
3. Nobody Loves Me Better... - Eddie Gouchie
4. Thrift Store Coat - Andrea Smith
5. Cold When I’m Dead - Doug Cox
6. Softly Burning - Brian Hazelbower
7. Calgary Girls - Jack n’ Lefty
8. In My Head - Helen Austin
9. The Alchemist - Brad Prevedoros
10. Living Water - Shari Ulrich
11. Islanders - Gary Fjellgaard & performers