Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell - Over sensitive, middle aged male, Singer/Songwriter from the Cowichan Valley (Vancouver Island, Canada), releases his first CD, "ditchflowers".

....."valley famous", "man about town", "all around nice guy", seeks other valleys and towns where ditchflowers bloom.

.....make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, 'it's gotta mean somethin' or what's the use...folk music? from the heart, for the heart...give it a listen, hope you like it.  -Bob
1. Bricks and Mortar
2. Never too old
3. The Button King
4. Change in the weather
5. Home is where the heart is
6. Morning Pages
7. The Crooked Path
8. Who could've known
9. Just a tear
10. Money burns a hole in my pocket
11. You were there
12. The future is here
13. I closed my heart