Paperboys , The Tenure

Celtic, bluegrass, Latino stompin' pop.
Tenure was released in the spring of 2002 to mark The Paperboys 10th Anniversary. A greatest hits in a way, but more so an album that samples everything over the past 10 years, including songs recorded for soundtracks and compilations, and puts them in one neat little package. Also an attempt to satisfy one of the most frequent questions asked at a Paperboys show "Which CD should I buy?" This one has a little of everything!
1. Molinos
2. She Said
3. Living Proof
4. Drunken Wagoneer
5. Waste Some Time
6. Jesse James/Sally Gardens
7. Falling Down
8. If I Could Be There
9. Santiago a Sevilla
10. In Love for Now
11. All Along the Watchtower
12. Judy's Wedding
13. Same for Everyone
14. Cooleys Reel Tyrol/Mountain Hop
15. Take the Stars Out of the Window
16. That Was Then and This Is Now
17. Triste Cancion
18. Midnight on the Highway