Earth Octave Lounge Vol 1 Various Artists

Artists : Various
Style :
Worldwide Release Date: September 2002
Format: Compact Disc
Catalogue #: ICHILL CD 014
'An outer space lounge affair exploring quality dub, chill beats, and global groove.'
This is not just another watered down run of the mill ³chill out² compilation, but rather a carefully selected kaleidoscopic vision of future world groove & lounge music alike.
Compiled by Interchill¹s in house artist Gordon Field, Earth Octave Lounge takes the listener into deep moods and fun-key-ness by traveling smoothly across the musical path of well rounded beats and bass while always keeping the emotional arpeggio intact.
1 Dub Squad (Jpn) - The Lost Mountain
2 Hi-Fi Companions (UK) - The Livin End
3 Mere Mortals (Can/Rom) - Kissing the Opaque
4 Jumbo Layer (Fra) - Misty
5 Cybajaz (UK) - Cybajaz
6 Boogs(USA) - Opposable Strums
7 Floex (Cze) - Phi-log
8 Rei Harakami (Jpn) - Remain
9 Hab (Swe) - Holystic
10 Shakatura (USA) - Midheaven
11 International Observer (UK) - Minicell
12 Hydraulic (Can) - Chewy Centre