Yellow Belly
self titled

Yellow Belly had a critically praised record that had made a significant dent in Canada when suddenly they disappeared from the music scene. After the release of their eponymous debut in Canada, they found themselves gaining a heavy critical following as their record burned up the indie charts. A tour with Barenaked Ladies helped them gain more exposure, but a growing discontent with his previous bandmembers led Foreman to reshape his lineup as he announced the hiatus in 1996. Unbeknownst even to him, the group wouldn't reconvene for almost five years, leaving the band a much different beast when it came back together. Still, with Foreman's guidance the band managed to craft Naked..., a more worldbeat-oriented record that showcased their mastery of jazz fusion and tribal rhythms.
1. Kanu
2. This Time
3. There Is 2
4. Kijabe
5. More To Life
6. Closet Anger
7. Patchwork
8. Apathy
9. God
10.(Just Another) Drinking Song