David Essig Tremble and Weep

One Used CD Available in excellent condition

Most of these songs contain the thought that over the years, black and white country music have often met on the bridges of material poverty and spiritual redemption. I could not have done this work without the encouragement and support of many. Dedicated to my father, Hal, and my son, Peregrin. (David Essig)

Personnel: David Essig (vocals, guitar, mandolin, bass drum); Chris Whiteley (pedal steel guitar); Dennis Pendrith (bass).

One Used CD Available in good condition. Some surface scratches on cd itself but plays fine.

1. High Ground II
2. Tremble And Weep
3. Way Hate Walks, The
4. Tampa
5. Day Pass
6. Secrets
7. Kick The Stone
8. Mary Texas Mix Waltz
9. By The Side Of The Road
10. There But For
11. Gracie's Cane