Monte Nordstrum
After All

'After All...' was recorded in 6 studios on 3 continents by a cast of 13 musicians. The CD features material composed over 5 decades, not a bad trick for an artist who recently turned 50. Nordstrom celebrates 35 years as a singer/songwriter with this recording. The title 'After All...' indicates the arduous journey of the project, which is divided into two sections: "Songs of Fate & Mortality" & "Pt. 2 Ptarmigan & the Waiting". Part one features recent and new compositions while the second premieres previously unproduced Ptarmigan material from early 70s. "The Waiting" is a suite composed in 1969. The reference to Ptarmigan (Nordstrom's first recording, produced by Paul Horn on Columbia Records) represents a return to form for Monte as an artist.
1. After All
2. Champagne Sky
3. Precipice
4. Invisible
5. Every River Meets the Sea
6. Caught Up to You All
7. I See You Jag ser dig
8. Abandoned Memories
9. Fate and Mortality
10. Headwaters
11. Evolution Mother
12. Song To The East
13. The Poet's Song
14. Deep Green
15. The Waiting Suite
16. Abandoned Swede