Paperboys , The Late As Usual

The Paperboys: Tom Landa -McAuliffe (vocals, guitars, bouzouki, mandolin, bodhran, accordion, piano, keyboards, percussion, backing throat); Moritz Behm (fiddle, mandolin, percussion, backing throat); Cam Salay (banjo, bass, backing throat); Neil Burnett (flute, penny whistles, celtic harp, accordion, percussion, backing throat); Paul Lawton (drums, percussion, Everton cheers)

Produced by Colin Nairne and Geoffrey Kelly
Engineers: Danny Greenspoon, Pete Wonsiak, John Webster.
Principally recorded at Mushroom and Hipposonics Studios, Vancouver, Canada.

Their debut album Late As Usual is an indie success story. Nominated for a 1996 Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent of a Grammy), the album was produced by Colin Nairne (Mae Moore, Barney Bentall) and Geoffrey Kelly (Spirit of the West) and features eleven original celtic- folk-pop tunes. Says one critic, "the songs are steeped in Celtic tradition, and that music’s fusion with rock has rarely been so skillfully executed." (The Ottawa Express). Late As Usual was a Top Ten indie seller on charts across Canada in 1995-96, and to date has sold upwards of 20,000 copies.

1. She Said
2. Cooley's Reel/Tyrol Mtn. Hop
3. In Love for Now
4. Whisakey in the Tea
5. January
6. Come Tella Me
7. Rocking Chair
8. Forest of Blue
9. Indian Summer
10. Nowhere but Up
11. Devil Away