UHF Shari Ulrich/Bill Henderson/Forbes

Ulrich, Henderson, Forbes

Produced by UHF & Claire Lawrence
Recorded at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver
Engineered by Rolf Hennemann, assistant Marc L'Espereance
Digital editing by Gary Heald
Supervising producer - Tod Elvidge
Special Thanks to Robert Ouimet, Tod Elvidge, Andre Lariviere

UHF is:
Shari Ulrich
- vocals, violin, piano, mandolin
Bill Henderson -
vocals, guitar, piano
Roy Forbes -
vocals, guitar
When I Sing - Bill Henderson
Holding Out For You - Shari Ulrich
Keep Lightin' That Fire - Roy Forbes
Day By Day - Shari Ulrich
Golan Boys - Bill Henderson
Running Back to Her - Roy Forbes
House Up On the Hill - Shari Ulrich
Can't Go Home - Bill Henderson
When Life Explodes - Roy Forbes
One Step Closer to the Light - Shari Ulrich