Firedance: Songs for Winter Solstice

Celebrate the yearly return of the light with songs full of Celtic soul, poignancy and fire.

This collection of songs celebrating Yule is a fresh alternative to the usual seasonal fare. The album consists of five original songs and five rare traditional tunes. All original pieces and musical arrangements are written by band members.

Songs range from warmly good-natured party tunes, such as To Drive the Cold Winter Away, and the quirky 15th century English tavern ditty, Bring Us in Good Ale, to tender ballads such as Gaia’s Lullaby, with its yearning for communion with the earth.

The album’s title track, Firedance, is a slowly-building dervish, with modal, arabic flavours. Swirling accordion riffs and hypnotic vocals invite us to "Cast the old year into the flame." The instrumental jig, The Turning Tide, poignantly conveys the transition from old year to new.

A highlight of the album, Yule is Come, literally turns historical precedent on its ear. In this exuberant piece, a haunting fragment of medieval plainsong chant, "Gaudete, Christus est Natus" (Christ is born) is abducted and transformed into a timeless call to celebrate Yule.

1. Dance to Your Shadow
2. Yule Is Come
3. To Drive the Cold Winter Away
4. The Year Is Born Anew
5. Bring Us In Good Ale
6. Gaia's Lullaby
7. The Old Yeare Now Away Is Fled
8. The Turning Tide
9. Taladh Chriosta