John Bottomley

John sets fables to music; concise short-stories that evoke a wide range of times, places, and sensual experiences. John Bottomley has a great voice. That stands out throughout this CD. He has a distinctive manner in which he phrases his lyrics. The CD itself is good. A fine mix of folk-rock with pop. Bottomley wears his influences on his sleeve (John Lennon, Neil Young, Dylan). In fact the opening track "The River" borrows heavily from Lennon's "Old Dirt Road." He does manage to use such influences to create his own sound. He writes interesting lyrics that demand attention in a very subtle way. An example of this is heard with the song "You Lose and You Gain" (the clear highlight of the set). Utilizing great production and arrangements, Bottomley makes it sound so real and personal that it is almost uncomfortable for the listener. The song is sheer brilliance (co-written with producer David Kershenbaum). Overall, it is a creative and ambitious album well worth investigating for fans of '70s folk-rock with a '90s sound.

1. The River
2. You Lose and You Gain
3. Long Way to Go
4. She Is Mine
5. Klee Wyek
6. Brother to the Sea
7. Spirit of Love
8. Saint Psalm
9. Fly With Your Shadow
10. Battle of the Trees
11. A Candle in the Dark