R.S. 'Honeybuns' McMillan

APOCALYPSE VARIATIONS: the hopes and fears of all the years
is a one session collection, a short story of solo piano improvisations, laid down in the summer of
2001. Further editing was done, but kept to a minimum. When i listened to it back the first time,
I heard the influences of Bach, Satie, Eno, Shipp, Duchamp: spec. "la mariee mise a nu par ses
celibataires, meme. erratum musical." and "musical sculpture"(realized by the s.e.m. ensemble).
01. Apocalypse Aria 9:16
02. Variatio 1a 1 Clav. 1:22
03. Variatio 2a 1 Clav. 1:58
04. Variatio 3a 1 Clav. 0:41
05. Variatio 4a 1 Clav. pillow of dust 5:23
06. Variatio 5a 1 Clav. 4:56
07. Variatio 6a 1 Clav. fallout 1:56
08. Variatio 7a 1 Clav. broken transmissions 1:18
09. Variatio 8a 1 Clav. ascension 1:51