R.S. 'Honeybuns' McMillan

With the exception of 1 song, 1 song with one line, and 1 song with lyric-less vocals , this is a primarily instrumental album. The theme revolves around returning to the west coast, to spend time trying to heal my, at this time, very recent back injury. This album features the 11min18sec composition "thirteen variations for feedback". This piece was inspired by a daydream of sounds in late Summer of 1993, and hearing the sounds of outer space being broadcast on tv while (name of spacecraft goes here) passed by the planet Jupiter some time in the early Fall of 1998. Fall of 1998 recording sessions,
first mixed in the spring of 2000.

total running time: 31:44
01. sun's up 1:04
02. starlight 2:28
03. starlight (reprise) 1:18
04. a home in the woods edit #1 0:07
05. a home in the woods edit #2 0:07
06. a home in the woods 2:29
07. SUPER BONUS 10X 2:47
08. funky lick 1:01
09. i can't smile 2:06
10. happy birthday 2:00
11. thirteen variations for feedback 11:18
12. I watched you change into a flower 3:42 Listen
13. sIng song 1:19