R.S. 'Honeybuns' McMillan

ALTERNATE REALITY LULLABY is a mixture of some music from a little earlier but mainly from the same time frame that the 'channels' songs were recorded. It introduces the instrumental pieces and the collaborative recordings that happened and is a bit of a laugh at times. Some of the instrumental pieces I am especially fond of because of their visual sensibility and portrayal of some shiny beauty. I wrote 'dirty future' and co-wrote 'i put the me in miso' in Vancouver between the fall of 1995 and spring of 1996. Dirty future is a dark little number about my increasing sense of alienation from the plastic nature of city life. Dougal pulled off an awesome bunch of improvised lyrics on 'i put the me in miso'. The rest was written in the summer of 1996. Who knows where the country song came from - "doin' 91 down highway 101"...a little help from a bottle of wine. 'Lenny' is an another oddity with its' peculiar oyster-eating-on-the-beach-down-the-road references to 'The End' by the Doors. The bass lines for 'isms' were recorded in the summer of 1991, with two drum tracks added in 2001. 'Penetrating' is a sitar influenced piece that leads into the chilled out guitar duet, 'sun goes down'. 32 minutes of music= two lullaby's with and alternate reality sandwiched in between. MIxed in 2001, re-arranged in 2004.

* extra vocals, harmonica: Aaron Vidaver
# main vocals: Dougal Graham

total running time: 32:12

01. first light 2:59
02. dirty future 3:24
03. porno theme 1 WOBBLE EDIT 1:32
*04. doin' 91 down highway 101 3:11
#06. I put the me in miso 2:22
05. four twenty 3:25
*07. 10 pm same day different typewriter 0:21
08. Lenny preamble 0:54
*09. small town re-amble 0:44
*10. Lenny 1:01
11. south of town blues 1:11
*12. the thought of my shoe 0:20
13. isms 5:01
14. penetrating 2:49
15. sun goes down 2:58