R.S. 'Honeybuns' McMillan

This is my blues album. The bulk of these songs are about hopelessness, despair, failure, broken relationships, all weighing down on my will to carry on. There is a theme running through this work relating to the presence of manipulative and deceitful people who try to use others for their own benefit only, but who ultimately fail (at least in the world of these songs). This theme is very significant in that these kind of people can enter your life when you least expect, and least of all from those who initially appear genuine, helpful, and compassionate. Heavy themes based on hard lessons. On the whole this collection of songs is about being deceived and kicked when you're already down and about finding ways to make light inside of darkness. They were recorded between April and November of 1995 on a 4-track, thrift shop tape recorders, and/or two- tracked through a stereo and portable tape recorder. Before I pressed the record button, these songs did not exist. The music was not written, and was recorded quickly and directly, documenting the intimacy and immediacy of the moment(s). The words were written w/out thinking about them too much, or were collected from conversations. The object was to just get the songs out, and down, mistakes and all. They are improvisations; sonic paintings.

total running time: 35:47

01.it seems this way
02. later in the day
03. new sunshine tomorrow
04. somebody feels my silence
05. you're not the girl
06. i'll never be the same
07. my love and pain are both the same
08. unphysical
09. healing me
10. you
11. i'm yours