Kristine Oudot
Texada Tides

Beautiful harmonies blended together, carry you into scenes of life on a small coastal island in British Columbia, Canada. Kristine Oudot is a folk singer-songwriter living with her family on Texada Island, BC where she has fallen in love with the Coast and composed 12 beautiful songs for her first CD. Songs such as the Call Of The Loon set at a pristine lake, Wings To Fly, a song of hope, Journey Of Joy for her children and the title song Texada Tides, for the rhythm of the ocean at her doorstep are examples of this recording of beauty and joy. This collection of original songs is beautiful folk music from the West Coast of BC. ….. "Texada Tides contains local gems of wisdom but also feelings of a wider world. Deeply rooted to the island, Kristine's lyrics and music reflect the calmness and peace which she has absorbed by living here. She writes about what she knows, Love, people, nature, beauty and God. Folk music or easy listening, her music defies categorization. Songwriting is therapy, release for her creativity and imagination. Like all good artists, she has a lot to give." …… Brin Wilson, 'Arts Scene', "Powell River News"

1. Texada Tides
2. Call Of The Loon
3. Don't Go Away
4. Time, Time, Time
5. Texada Son
6. Wings To Fly
7. The Voyage
8. Song For Texada
9. Lost Within
10 A Lesser Man
11.Journey Of Joy
12.Maybe Someday