Camille Miller
Carnarvon Street

Rich and Culturally diverse, "Carnarvon Street" is a remarkably strong album. The sophomore release (first release,She Knows) from the powerful and passionate songstress, Camille Miller, is a sultry pop gem with (plenty) of universal appeal.

"Carnarvon Street" is filled with lush vocals, brilliant and intense performance, and inspired moments of reflection. Eva and Breakable are guaranteed to get you singing along with their classic rock roots and their aural array of fresh pop melodies. Miller's voice is sensual and alluring, a true siren of her time. With What Are You Waiting For and Make You Believe there is no doubt that Miller sits well with her contemporaries, demonstrating skilled and genuine songwriting notable to the much loved Sheryl Crow, Allannis Morrisette, and (Norah Jones.)

"Carnarvon Street" explores an eclectic landscape (Sun Too Long); is filled with energy and emotion (Tranquilize), is polished and professional and will keep you hooked from beginning to end.

Miller hits the road early in the New Year bringing her golden voice and magnetic live show to the UK through March and April 2005. Miller is joined by (Nick Haggar on bass, Robert Wilson on drums, Ben Morgan on lead Guitar and Rosalie James on keys and backing vocals), promising a superb and entertaining live show, not to be missed.
1. Carnarvon Street
2. Eva
3. Get in Get Out (Robi's song)
4. Nobody Knows
5. What Are You Waiting For
6. Make You Believe
7. Sun Too Long
8. Tranquqilize
9. Into Closed Doors
10. Breakable