Billy Goats Gruff (now 'The Gruff')
The Million Dollar Tip

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The Million Dollar Tip is our first CD. It was released in January 2002. We had a great time recording it with Kate Simms at Bent Sound in Victoria. (Kate has now relocated to Vancouver) It is full of traditional fiddle tunes and vocal hits. There are also a couple of original tunes (the first of many). We had the pleasure of playing with a few other musicians on the disc so there's a nice full sound complete with bass and accordion!

1.Tramps and Hawkers
2.The Honeymoon
3.Moving On
4.Jenny Dang the Weaver
5.The Amy Usen
6.Lonesome Feeling
7.The New Reels
8.McVittie's & Tea
9.Sid's Last Pumpkin
10.Le p'tit moine
11.The Miller's Maggot
12.Night Guard
13.George Whites
14.The Leaving of Liverpool
15.The Banshee Set
16.The Parting Glass
17.More Power to Your Elbows