Kia Kadari
Feel This

Maximum Music is proud to announce the highly anticipated debut release Feel This by the Vancouver based Urban Music artist Kia Kadiri. Kia has been a leading light on the west coast music scene for years and is well know for her explosive live shows. She performed live with her band on the eve of the official April 20th street date for Feel This. The show was a great success, thanks to all who were involved.

Kia Kadiri has recorded with Moka Only, Prevail (Swollen Members), Kinnie Starr and L.A. underground hero Abstract Rude (Battleaxe). She has opened for such luminaries as Spearhead, Mix Master Mike, and Rahzel. Feel This leaves no doubt that Kia Kadiri is an artist who's time has come.

1. Once Upon a Time
2. Bring it On
3. True Soul
4. Hands Up
5. Feel This
6. A Beautiful Thing
7. All I Really Want (I Excite)
8. TV and News
9. Back 2 Luv
10. Who are We
11. All my People
12. New Foundation
13. Good Foot
14. Heavy
15. Sing
16. Once Upon a Time (Reprise)