Linda Mcrae Cryin out loud

Leaving Spirit of the West may have been a hard decision, but as it turns out, it was a good one. Linda McRae continues to stretch her wings and is developing into a helluva performer. It ain't just the pipes, which have always been impressive, but slowly it becomes clear that McRae has a knack for writing deliciously memorable rockin' twang. Surrounded by a crackerjack band that bring the material to life, McRae ups the excellent ante that the Sadies have started with their line of exceptional Canadiana. I am now standing, hand over heart, belting out the anthem!

© 2002 - John Sekerka
1.Strength, Hope and Love (3:08)
2.Put the Hurtin' Back in the Bottle ( 2:46)
3.The Station (4:20)
4.The Girl With No Tomorrow (3:30)
5.Momma (4:25)
6.These Are The Things( 3:02)
7.Gold Dust Mountain ( 3:58)
8.Hoot and Holler( 4:32)
9.Sweet Surrender(3:53)
10.Mainline (2:12)
11.Falling Off the Face of the World (3:12)