Linda Mcrae flying jenny

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This is Linda McRae. Twenty years of making music in public. Ten long, crazy and wonderful years on the road as the bass and accordion-playing member of Canada's original Celtic rockers, Spirit of the West. Three gold albums, two of them now platinum. Festivals from Denmark to Glastonbury, tours from Germany to the back and of the North West Territories, gigs with Blues Traveler, Ziggy Marley, Mathew Sweet and the most successful band in Canada's pop music history, The Tragically Hip.

1.Map 3.36
2.Roll On Down 3.14
3.Another One Got Away 5.17
4.Minka's Kitchen 4.57
5.Flying Jenny 5.41
6.When I Stop Dreaming 3:34
7.Time 4:15
8.As The Night Falls Down 4:57
9.Burning Bridges 4:39
10.No Better 3:19
11.Somewhere Along The Way 4:30
12.Road To Nowhere 5:37
13.Take Your Hat Off 8:32