4th & Back

The debut album from Scott and Andy is a world where anything goes. 4 tracks meet 8 tracks and comes up with 18 tracks! From the nightmarish "Times Up" to the swell "Swell Song", from the Eno-esque "Say It Isn't So" to the miles mantra "Angra", 4th And Back never ceases to twist and turn. Lo-fi and Hi-fibre. A good start to any day.
1. Anamosh
2. Strangled
3. Holy Moly
4. Megog Has Been Delayed
5. Shortcut
6. Regrettable Affair
7. Exterminal
8. Sweet 'N' Sour
9. Swell Song
10. Squaresville
11. Beauty
12. Time's Up
13. Say It Isn't So
14. Once Machines Ruled the World
15. Comfort
16. Angra
17. Night Song
18. Forgetting to Bless