The Making of Him

This second full length outing of Mr. Henderson and Mr. Kerr continues on in the tradition of their first cd but in a darker vein. Be it "Burnt Popcorn", "Satyricon For Lunch" or that delightful little ditty "Anti-Fascist Song For Mom", The Making Of Him always manages to strike a delicate balance between tearing it up and ripping it all to pieces. Featured on one song is a guest song stylist from Middlesbrough and on another a man playing wind-up fluffy bunny. A must.
1 Anti-Fascist Song For Mom
2 Loggins And Messina Reunion
3 Croggy To Nowhere
4 Rewired
5 Musik
6 Egyptian Arp
7 The Making Of Him
8 Prelude To Amber, Violet And Gold
9 The Brians' Just Over There, Next To The Potato
10 Rel By Proxy
11 Burnt Popcorn
12 Electric Razor
13 Wasteland
14 Satyricon For Lunch
15 Bad Day For Baby