Sex Mad /You Kill Me

Label: Alternative Tentacles

The Canada and UK pressings have the same songs. The USA pressing replaces "Hunt The She Beast" with "Love Thang". Some UK pressings also came on yellow vinyl. The CD features the US track sequence with "No Fgcnuik (original version)" and "Hunt The She Beast" and the You Kill Me 12" EP as bonus tracks

1   Sex Mad      
2   Dad    
3   Obssessed      
4   Dead Bob      
5   Love Thang      
6   No Fgnuikc      
7   Self Pity     
8   Long Days     
9   Metronome    
10   Revenge      
11   No Fkuicgn     
12   Hunt the She Beast     
13   Body Bag      
14   Stop It     
15   Some Bodies     
16   Manic Depression    
17   Paradise