Anger Management

used CD extremely hard to find

Nanaimo's Leading Live Heavy Metal Band

3 years ago Shane and Jordie were drinking, jamming and banging out a few riffs. A bass player showed up named (Jake) and the trio developed even more riffs. Ken was in a cover band named Canadian Bacon, he  too came over while the trio  were  partying down and jumped into the  jam, and  their first song Head Trip was created. The 4 continued jamming and created 4 more songs, Jake soon left for undetermined circumstances. Mark Curtis from (Somatic) joined to take the former Bassist place. While at a  Vancouver show, the semi-established band came up with a name for the group while drinking backstage with another Nanaimo local band.
They decided to call themselves FEIRD  which stands for
Fuck. Everyone. Is. Really. Drunk.

Introduced their first CD "Feird Anger Management" in 1999after a few good gigs, Mark too moved on and James Hay joined the crew as they moved forward to their next Cd "Life's a Bitch".


1.Head Trep
2.Simple Life
3.I Dont Mind
6.Bring It On
7.So Long