Tammy Fassaert Corner of My Eye

Featuring: John Reischman, Sally Van Meter, David Mosher, Nathan Tinkham, Byron Myhre, Chris Stevens, Jordy Sharp, Paul Bergman and others

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Tammy's second solo album 'Corner of My Eye', (released in 2000) includes four brilliant new songs from Tammy, with impressive playing by a cast of luminaries under the keen direction of producer and mandolinist John Reischman. This internationally acclaimed release has further enhanced an already rich musical pedigree that has seen her perform and record in bands with acoustic music stars such as Laurie Lewis, John Reischman, Jeff White, Grammy winner Sally Van Meter and Scott Nygaard. Tammy also hand picks back-up players for tours, who recently have included John Reischman, Michigander David Mosher, Ian Tyson alumnus Nathan Tinkham, and Alberta's popular bluegrass band Jerusalem Ridge.

An accomplished musician with a healthy sense of humor and a strong grasp of human nature, Tammy Fassaert has developed over the years into a fine songwriter and compelling performer. Tammy has gone well beyond her original roots in traditional bluegrass and is now a welcome figure in contemporary folk and acoustic circles as well.

Billboard Magazine recently dubbed Tammy "one of the leading figures in Canada's vibrant West Coast folk music scene". "She has grown into a mature and confident singer/ songwriter and song interpreter" declares the Vancouver Province newspaper. Tammy has a strong, clear unadorned singing style; The Victoria Times-Colonist describes it as "the sound of wood smoke and clear mountain streams, ancient echoes of folk and country music before the business men in designer cowboy boots stole the music ..." Bluegrass Unlimited comments on her musical depth: "She's incorporated all manner of sophisticated and earthy American musical influences into her own superb vocal style".