Terry Jacks-Seasons In The Sun (stereo/mono) DJ 45 Bell 45,432 1973 styrene pressing.

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Terry Jacks
Seasons in the Sun

Vinyl LP
Bell Records 1974 – Cat No: BELLS 239




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Quality vinyl is getting harder to find every day making it a GREAT INVESTMENT. Many great or favorite recordings are now RARE as they have not been re-issued on CD.
Side One:

1. Concrete Sea
2. I'm Gonna Love You Too
3. Pumpkin Eater
4. Again And Again
5. Since You Broke My Heart
6. Fire On The Skyline

Side Two:

1. The Love Game
2. I'm So Lonely Here Today
3. It's Been There From The Start
4. Sail Away
5. Seasons In The Sun