Garnet Avery
The Right Heart

What do you get when you mix East Coast melodic traditions with West Coast Country? Born in Nova Scotia, Garnet Avery found himself drawn to the Gulf Islands of British Columbia's West Coast. Garnet's foot stomping mix of Eastern traditional music and country emerged from a life spent working both of Canada's coastlines worked in mining, fishing, and dredging. His music is drawn from his own experiences and those of the people around him. You can hear rock influences too...

In 2003 Garnet performed at the Stan Rogers Folk Festival. This disc is so very danceable! Garnet wrote all of the great songs on the CD! This great debut CD should dominate Canadian country stations!

1. The Right Heart
2. Enjoying Our Country Home
3. Full Speed/Straight Ahead
4. This Love Here That I've Found
5. Tommy was a good old boy
6. The Remedy called Love
7. Right From the Start
8. I'm Going With Her
9. Home is Where the Heart is