Randy Bachman

Released May 4, 2004, JazzThing brings Randy back to his early roots in jazz music. Over the years we've heard his jazz influences on his pop hits like "Undun", "Looking Out For Number One", and "Blue Collar". Now he returns to walk down the path he never took. Inspired by his mentor, the jazz guitar great Lenny Breau, this album is a collection of original songs and interpretations that bring one of pop music’s most enduring artists full circle. Featured Guest Musicians: Buff Allen, Lenny Breau, Chris Gestrin, Franciose Houle, Joel Kroeker, Andre Lachance, Ken Lister, Denise McCann, Stephan Moccio, Bill Sample Craig Scott, Curtis Stigers, Dylan van der Schyff and Dave Young
1. Let’s Call It A Night (Bachman)
2. In Blue (Bachman, Field, Foskett)
3. That Old Feeling (Brown, Fain)
4. Rose Coloured Glasses (Bachman, Becker)
5. Summertime (Gershwin)
6. Sentimental Fool (Bachman, McCann)
7. I Walk The Line (Cash)
8. Dead Cool (Bachman, Foley)
9. The First Time You Said Hello (Bachman)
10. Breau’s Place (Quiet & Blue) (Breau, Young, Bachman)
11. Our Leaves Are Green Again (Bachman, Moccio)