Alison Humphries I Should Have Been Doing The Gardening

Recorded at Running Frog Music in Windsor and due for release at the end of November, this is Alison Humphries' debut solo CD, featuring some of her favourite comic songs, parodies and guitar instrumentals.

Produced by Alison Humphries
All tracks recorded, engineered and mixed by Neil Thom at Running Frog Music, Windsor except [Do You Love An Apple?] & [I Know Where I'm Going], recorded and engineered by Paul Castle at PDC Music, London. Mixed by John Davies and Paul Castle.

01 - One Dead Dragon and a Horse / Princess Royal
02 - Mary's Reply
03 - A Thousand Welcomes
04 - A Toyboy's What I Need
05 - I Should Have Been Doing The Gardening
06 - Planxty Irwin
07 - There's Only 5 Bullets in My Old 6-Shooter
08 - Ms. Alison Humphries
09 - Evening Classes
10 - Do You Love an Apple?
11 - My Mobile is Never a Problem
12 - I Know Where I'm Going
13 - A Very, Very Long Way From the Loo