Larry Lawrence Statland

Andrews & Lawrence old time gospel way

Brand New CD Release for 2005 from the Gospel Duo 'Andrews & Lawrence'

These boys are kicking up a storm up here on Vancouver Island, Canada. Playing in churches  up and down the island. It won't be long before these boys hit the big-time.

This is their 2nd recording (the 1st cd called 'old time gospel' sold out & went into reprint)

You get what you'd hear at one of their shows. In the great old gospel & bluegrass tradition, here are 2 brothers (as they often were, but not in this case) singing & playing their guitars in front of a single microphone.

A joy & blessing to the ears.

Not available in stores or anywhere else....yet!!!

Andrews & Lawrence Old Time Gospel

In the harmonizing and gospelizing tradition of the Monroe, Stanley, and Louvin Brothers comes Andrews and Lawrence. They've put together an old time gospel show tailor-made for
your festival stage, theater, church hall or coffeehouse.

You don't have to know a lot about gospel music to get caught
up in the sing-along atmosphere, with enough story-telling to
bring the folk, country, and bluegrass audiences along for the
ride. In addition to the main show, Andrews and Lawrence host a gospel workshop full of opportunities for unison and harmony singing, as well as pointers on musical arranging and historical background to really bring this musical genre to life.

Andy Ruszel sings lead and plays rhythm guitar. His songs have been performed by Juno award winning artists Charlotte Diamond and the Rovers.

Larry Lawrence plays lead guitar and sings tenor. He is also
a well known producer, arranger, and choral singer.

For Andrews and Lawrence, it's about giving each performance their all, and making it a good time had by all. They look forward to seeing you at the show.

"Brothers in song. Andrews and Lawrence transformed the hall into an authentic old time gospel showcase on Friday night.
Andy Ruszel and Larry Lawrence wove their own version of the close-knit vocal harmonies and exacting flat-pick guitar runs that characterize the superlative sound of duos like the Monroe,
Louvin and Stanley Brothers. The audience joined in on renditions of old standards that would have done an Appalachian church
choir proud."

- Gabriola Sounder