Shari Ulrich

Born in San Rafael, California Shari moved to British Columbia in the early 1970's

She's a Juno award winner, a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, television host, theme composer and script writer and, most recently, theatre performer

Shari  first appeared on Vancouver stages in 1973 after stints of  backpacking around the U.S. and performing with her older brother and sister with the San Francisco Free Theatre

With Rick Scott and Joe Mock, Shari formed the singular and quirky Pied Pumkin String Ensemble, a hit at Simon Fraser University and any festival, park  or beach 

"...to finance our recordings in those days, Pied Pumkin would collect the names, addresses and price of a future album from fans, go in and make the record, then mail it off to all those kind trusting souls who had pre-paid..."

Big changes came when Shari was was hired to tour with West Coast folk artist Valdy as part of his backing group, the Hometown Band. In addition to singing harmony and playing everything from flute to sax to violin behind Valdy,  Shari was called on every show to step forward and sing Joe Mock's stunning  Flying

The Hometown Band was signed domestically with A&M and made two albums: Flying and The Hometown Band..they also won a  Juno award for the best new group

Her first solo album was Long Nights on A&M which won a Juno nomination for most promising female artist

When the Hometown Band broke up Shari began her solo career.  Next came One Step Ahead and a Juno award for most promising female artist of 1981

An international deal with MCA came next, and Shari released  the highly acclaimed Talk Around Town made with long time producer and collaborator Claire Lawrence

During this time Shari also worked extensively on other media projects. She co-hosted Futurescan on CBC-TV with David Suzuki.  As well, she wrote and hosted BCTV's award winning Inside Trax

She composed and produced several Sesame Street items, as well as writing theme music for shows on the CBC, Life and Knowledge networks

Interspersed with all this activity, Shari also managed to find time to record her fourth solo album Every Road followed by the compilation  The Best of Shari Ulrich

And what began as a one time only show with long time friends Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes at a music festival turned into UHF...the much praised acoustic/vocal trio

As well as her solo career she continues to perform with Bill Henderson and Roy Forbes in UHF.

Shari also has a lead role in the Vancouver Arts Club Theatre production of Tapestry, a Carol King tribute

These days Shari lives with her family on Bowen Island B.C.


Pied Pumkin Pied Alive

PIED ALIVE (Pied Pumkin) CD 13 songs recorded live in 9 communities during the Pumkin's hugely successful 33 concert 1999 Western Canada Tour. Newcastle, Gabriola, Denman and Lasqueti Islands, Cobble Hill, Victoria, Port Moody, Salmon Arm and the Vancouver East Cultural Centre serve as settings for dynamic musical polaroids from B.C.'s beloved minstrels. Dulcimer, guitar , violin, flute, piano and mandolin combine in a smorgasbord of folk, rock, jazz, blues and country.

Pumkin classics Mixall Lake and Lotus Eaters Blues join the more recent War Is Over Overture, Pickin' Country and Lost Soul Man. There's sweet irony in tunesmith Mock's One of The Few Times and tender philosophy in Miz Shari's Turning. Jester Rick's Little Bit O' Good is a toe tapping invocation to dance. Joe leads Black Dog into a raging canine jam, Cuckoo invokes tradition while Lox Breakdowns calls up gypsies. The absurdly profound folk opera Orville Goes To The Country is wacky new age musical theatre - Shari's gargle alone is worth the price of admission! If you were in the cheering, foot- stomping audience you may even hear yourself on this album! As a grand finale, the band leads the audience in a parade out of the hall into the Newcastle night with the irresistible singalong Oohlahey, reprised by a rapturous crowd from Lasqueti Island. For more informarion from the authors

Pied Pumkin Plucking deVine

Selected Recordings 1974-1980

The compilation CD released in conjunction with the Pied Pumkin reunion tour in the Spring of 1998.
The CD features 14 songs from four Pied Pumkin albums made between 1974 and 1980. 


I Believe
Kooteny Bark
De Fiddle Medley
You Can Change the World
People I Love You
There Twas Her Tam
Bless the Kind Heart
Fear of Flying
Yo De Do Do
The Juggler and the Fawn
Doin' the One Time
St. Christopher
Mushroom Madrigal

Shari Ulrich The View From Here


Released August 1998

Produced by Shari Ulrich and Claire Lawrence
Advisory Producer: Marc Jordon
Recorded by Shari Ulrich at Ulrich Production

Strings, rhythm section & BG's on "Watching the River Run" recorded by Paul Baker at BakerStreet Studios
Assisted by Mike Rogerson

Mixed by Blair Cilbaba at Bakerstreet Studios
Assisted by Mike Rogerson

Mastered by Craig Wadell at Gotham City Recording

Vocals, violin, dulcimer, mandolin and BG vocals & arrangements: Shari Ulrich
Piano & Synth: Michael Creber
Flute, soprano & tenor saxophones & organ on "The Fisherman's Lamen" : Bill Runge
Guitar, pennywhistle & accordian: Bill Henderson
Drums: Jerry Adolphe
Bass : Brian Newcombe
Hammond organ and accordion on "Watching the River Run" : Dave Kershaw
Tambourine: Blair Calibaba
BG vocals on "Watching the River Run" : Safron Henderson, Brette Wade & Joanie Bye
Harmony vocals on "Turning" : Marc Jordon

Strings arranged by Bill Runge
Violin: Mark Ferris
Violin & Viola: Mark Koenig
Cello: Harold Birston

CD Photography and Art Direction : James O'Mara, O'Mara & Ryan
Cover Photo by Barbara Ulrich

UHF II Shari Ulrich/Bill Henderson/Forbes

Ulrich, Henderson, Forbes

Produced by Claire Lawrence with Shari, Bill and Roy
Recorded by Rolf hennemann at Mushroom Studios Vancouver
assisted by Blair Calibab and Pete Wosniak
additional recording by David Slagter at Creation Studios
Mixed by David Slagter at Creation Studios
Digital Mastering by Craig Wadell at Gotham City Recording

UHF is:
Shari Ulrich - vocals, violin, piano, mandolin
Bill Henderson -
vocals, guitar, piano
Roy Forbes -
vocals, guitar

Lifting My Heart - Roy Forbes
Watching the River Run - Shari Ulrich
Wild One - Bill Henderson
Don't You Cry - Roy Forbes
There Must be Some Way - Bill Henderson
Changed Forever - Shari Ulrich
Boiling Rier - Bill Henderson
Stand - Shari Ulrich
I'm On the Edge - Roy Forbes
Time Will Take Its Toll - Shari Ulrich
Goodbye - Bill Henderson
Call Up an Old Friend - Roy Forbes

Shari Ulrich The Best of


This album is a compilation of favourites off my first three solo albums, Long Nights, One Step Aheadand Talk Around Town, all released between 1980-82 In fact, the represent the best of my early writing

Many of these tunes are ones I still do in concert and as these original recordings are now virtually impossible to find, I thought you might appreciate having them available on one album

And of course this Best Of would not be complete without the Hometown Band's Flying which has long been my signature tune
  -   Shari Ulrich

UHF Shari Ulrich/Bill Henderson/Forbes

Ulrich, Henderson, Forbes

Produced by UHF & Claire Lawrence
Recorded at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver
Engineered by Rolf Hennemann, assistant Marc L'Espereance
Digital editing by Gary Heald
Supervising producer - Tod Elvidge
Special Thanks to Robert Ouimet, Tod Elvidge, Andre Lariviere

UHF is:
Shari Ulrich
- vocals, violin, piano, mandolin
Bill Henderson -
vocals, guitar, piano
Roy Forbes -
vocals, guitar
When I Sing - Bill Henderson
Holding Out For You - Shari Ulrich
Keep Lightin' That Fire - Roy Forbes
Day By Day - Shari Ulrich
Golan Boys - Bill Henderson
Running Back to Her - Roy Forbes
House Up On the Hill - Shari Ulrich
Can't Go Home - Bill Henderson
When Life Explodes - Roy Forbes
One Step Closer to the Light - Shari Ulrich

Shari Ulrich Every Road


Produced by Graeme Coleman
Engineered and Mixed by Bill Buckingham
Co-Produced by Bill Buckingham and Shari Ulrich


Graeme Coleman, Dave Pickell
- keyboards, percussion programming
Kat Hendrikse - drums, percussion, programming
Rene Worst, Tom Hazlitt - Bass
Bill Henderson, Harris Van Berkel, Terry Frewer - guitar
Shari Ulrich - violin
Tom Cololough - saxophone
Joani Bye, Sean Hosein, Warren Stanyer, Marc LaFrance, Carlynn Hanney, Jane Mortifee, David Graff - bg Vocals

Legacies - music/lyrics by Shair Ulrich
Someday -
music by Shari Ulrich & Graeme Coleman, Lyrics by Shari
Looking for Me -
music by Shari Ulrich & Graeme Coleman, Lyrics by Shari
Inside Passage -
music by Dave Pickell
The Heartland -
music and lyrics by Shari Ulrich
House up on the Hill -
music and lyrics by Shari Ulrich
Only the Heart -
music and lyrics by Shari Ulrich, Graeme Coleman & David Graff
The Jig -
trad, arranged by Shari
Its not Love -
music and lyrics by Shari Ulrich
Every Road
music by Shari Ulrich, Graeme Colemen & David Graff, Lyric by Shari

Shari Ulrich Talk Around Town


Out of Print Vinyl LP Used

email info@cdisle.ca for availablilty and condition

Produced by Claire Lawrence
Recorded at Bill Schnee Studio, Los Angeles
Engineer: Jeremy Smith, assistant David Schober
Additional recording at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver
Engineered by Alan Perkins
And at The Music Grinder, Los Angeles
Engineered by Jeremy Smith
Mixed at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec
Engineered by Paul Northfield, assistant Robbie Whelan
Digital Mastering at Sterling Sound NYC by George Marino


Mike Baird
- Drums
Nathan East, Mark Leonard - Bass
Marty Walsh, Bill Henderson - Guitars
Robbie Buchanan, David Pickell, Michael Kalani - Keyboards
Jim Rothermal - Saxophones
Jane Mortifee, Nancy Nash, Mary Saxton, Bill Henderson, Roy Forbes - BG Vocals

All Songs written by Shari Ulrich except * as noted

Side One:

You're Making Me Nervous
The One and Only
Mad Money* (written by Shari and Jean Roussel)
I'm Not the One
Through These Eyes*  (written by Shari and Jean Roussel)

Side Two

I Don't Wanna Talk About It
With or Without You*  (written by Shari and Jean Roussel)
You're not so Innocent
Love Turns to Ice* (written by Roy Forbes)
Talk Around Town* (written by Roy Forbes)

Shari Ulrich Long Nights


Available in Vinyl LP Only Sealed

Produced by Claire Lawrence
Recorded at Pinewood Studios in Vancouver
Engineered by Alan Perkins
Mixed at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec
Engineered by Paul Northfield
Mastered at Sterling Sound NYC by George Marino


Claire Lawrence
- Saxaphones
Geoff Eyre - Drums, bg Vocals
Peter Clarke - Bass, bg vocals
David Pickell, Ron Johnson - Keyboards
Harris Van Berkel - Guitar
Shari Ulrich - Violin
Nancy Nash - Background Vocals

All songs written by Shari Ulrich