Lester Quitzau

Lester Quitzau A big Love

Released 1996

Hard To Find CD

Quitzau's blues world encompasses Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and Chris Whitely in addition to John Lee Hooker, Blind Wille Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughn, and while this eclecticism might infuriate purists, it makes A Big Love one of the most inspired efforts ever to emerge from this country's blues scene. Like Big Sugar's Gordie Johnson, Quitzau is not afraid to jump from acoustic to slide sounds to ferocious 70's style riffing but he also delves into some more atmospheric areas, waxing playful and psychedelic. Alexander Varty, The Georgia Straight

Lester Quitzau Keep On Walking

Released 1994
Rare Used CD in excellent condition

All songs written by Lester Quitzau, except "Room Full Of Mirrors (Jimi Hendrix), Lookin' For My Baby (Cooper/Hayrock), Someday Baby (Nixon/Estes), Rich Land Woman Blues (John Hurt), Saddle Up My Pony (C. Patton), and Your Heart (Lester Quitzau, Farley Scott)

Recorded in February 1994 at home, Ramsey Hall, and Crow Town Audio Productions.
Engineered by Bill Hobson and Lester Quitzau.
Mixed and edited by Jamie Kidd at Beta Sound Recorders.

This album was recorded "Au Naturel" with no additives or artificial flavours. All tracks were recorded live to DAT (no overdubs), with the exception of "Keep On Walking". The nature sounds on "Turkish Theme" were recorded by Lester in the spring of 1993. The birds are mating, singing "pick me, pick me". By recording it in relaxed atmosphere, with an emphasis on feeling and performance, we were able to come up with something very honest and real. The majority of the material came from an inspired session under the influence of the full moon.