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Kia Kadari
Feel This

Maximum Music is proud to announce the highly anticipated debut release Feel This by the Vancouver based Urban Music artist Kia Kadiri. Kia has been a leading light on the west coast music scene for years and is well know for her explosive live shows. She performed live with her band on the eve of the official April 20th street date for Feel This. The show was a great success, thanks to all who were involved.

Kia Kadiri has recorded with Moka Only, Prevail (Swollen Members), Kinnie Starr and L.A. underground hero Abstract Rude (Battleaxe). She has opened for such luminaries as Spearhead, Mix Master Mike, and Rahzel. Feel This leaves no doubt that Kia Kadiri is an artist who's time has come.

Moka Only
Lime Green

Release Date: Apr 03, 2001
CD Label: Battle Axe Records
Contributing artists:Abstract Rude, Sunspot Jonz, Swollen Members
Distributor:Caroline Distribution
Album notes
Personnel includes: Moka Only, Sun Spot Jonz, Abstract Rude, Perfect Strangers, LMNO, Swollen Members.
Producers include: Moka Only, Paul Nice, Ron Contour, Flow Torch, DJ Science.

Editorial reviews
...Another solid, enjoyable run from a remarkably ambitious and motivated lyricist/producer...
CMJ  (04/09/2001)

Sweatshop Union
Natural Progression

Original Release Date October 7, 2003
Label:Battle Axe
Sweatshop Union is truly inspirational. They rap about topics that matter to them and they make you step back and take a look at things from a different perspective. 7 guys come together to form the Sweatshop Union and each one of them is intelligent and raps with a style that is most interesting. The production is killer and the quality is consistent.
These cats are definitely one of the highlights of the Swollen Members' BattleAxe label. They are true to their music. If you like intelligent hiphop then this is a selection for you. If you like hiphop that gets your head movin' then this is also a selection for you. This CD has quality written all over it.
Reviewer: Barrie, Ontario

Swollen Members

This includes a bonus DVD disc. Swollen Members: Prevail, Mad Child, Moka Only, Rob The Viking. Additional personnel: Abstract Rude. Producers include: Rob The Viking, Nucleus, Evidence, Moka Only, The Edgecrusher. Principally recorded at Battle Axe, Vancouver, Canada and The Sound Castle, Los Angeles, California.