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Stringband The Indispensable Stringband

At long last, Stringband is on CD. The Indispensable Stringband is a 46-song, box-set retrospective of Stringband’s music, 1972-2002

The collection contains all of Stringband’s greatest hits, plus never-before-released cuts, and some new pieces. TIS also includes a 50-page history of Stringband’s Life and Times by Gary Cristall.


Gary Cristall, then artistic director of the Vancouver Folk Music Festival, wrote of Stringband (in 1991): "[Stringband] opened the door to a glorious chapter in the cultural history of this country. They proved there was an enormous amount of music worth playing in Canada. They proved musicians could actually make a living without leaving the country. They paved the way for artists like Stan Rogers, Connie Kaldor and dozens of others and helped create a vibrant alternative acoustic music scene that featured songs which actually had something to say... While various artists have covered one or another aspect of the ground that Stringband trod, no group has covered the waterfront in the way they did."

Stringband recorded 7 albums, two of which, The Old Masters and Across Russia By Stage, are still available. We played, over the years, in the US, UK, USSR, Europe, Japan, Mexico and Newfoundland. The list of musicians who sat in or recorded with us is too long to recite, though it includes Nancy Ahern, Daniel Lanois, Stan Rogers, Kieran Overs and Jane Fair. The songs we made (sort of) famous include Dief Will Be the Chief Again, The Maple Leaf Dog, I Don't Sleep with Strangers Anymore, La jeune mariee, Tugboats, Daddy Was a Ballplayer, All the Horses Running, Lunenburg Concerto and Show Us the Length.

Apart from a brief 20th anniversary re-union tour in 1991, Stringband played its last gig in 1986. By then we lived in different parts of the country and all had individual projects we wanted to pursue. (Calvin formed The Romaniacs, Marie-Lynn wrote and performed Beautiful Deeds/de beaux gestes and I wrote and performed Bossin's Home Remedy for Nuclear War.) By that time, as well, folk venues were getting scarcer and so were government gigs and grants - a significant factor in a country where cities, and the venues they contain, are literally few and far between. So, after fifteen years, we hung up the bow. A defeat in some ways. On the other hand, just for a Canadian band to reach 15 is no mean feat; to do so playing folk music (and not playing bars) is as rare as, well, Stringband was.

Stringband Canadian Sunset

(LP out of print)

One nervous night in July 1973 we and our friends crowded around the microphones in Jeff Smith's basement to sing "Did you Hear That They Busted the Fiddle Player". Off and on over the next four months we recorded the rest of these songs and somewhere in there we decided to make a 600 copy album, to call it Canadian Sunset, and to put a postcard on each one. That was 7000 postcards ago.

Meanwhile, Jerry has moved on and currently plays fiddle with Em. Ben Mink, who joined us when Jerry left, has moved on too and currently plays with Murray McLauchlan. Terry King fiddles with us now. (liner notes)

includes insert with lyrics
made in Canada ... Nick Records 001

Side 1 ...

Over the Waterfall
Daddy Was a Ballplayer
Country Music
Ladies' Fancy
La Chanson Francaise
Jennifer Wren

Side 2 ...

The Next Market Day
Did You Hear That They Busted the Fiddle Player
Cat Song
Monday Morning
Lady Permanence
Mr. M. of the Magic Movies
For a Music Box
Sweet-Talkin' Denny
Stringband: Marie-Lynn Hammond, Bob Bossin, Jerry Lewycky
Other Musicians: Gary Snyder, Bob Jennings, Doug Bowes, Bill Usher, Frank Barth, Chris Whitely, Ben Mink, George Berry, Alex Adaman
Produced by: Bill Usher, John Morris, Bob Bossin, Marie-Lynn Hammond
Executive Producer: R.G.N. Laidlaw
Album Graphics: Carol Noel

Stringband National Melodies

(LP out of print)

Bob Bossin and Marie-Lynn Hammond with Ben Mink and Jim Ackley, Wade Barker, Pineapple Frank Barth, Doug Bowes, Kerry Crawford, Ron Dan, John Goldsmith, Rick Gratton, Tam Kearney, Mark Lams, Doug Orr, Richard Quincy Booth Patterson, Dennis Pendrith, Sandy Pym, Alex Voros, Jimmy Warburton, Chris Whitely

Stringband Thanks to the Following

 (LP out of print)
Original Album from a private collection
super RARE Folk album from 1977
Thanks To The Following
RARE album from Canada's Stringband
Includes original insert sheet
TRACK LISTING: Mail sortin' man, Second fiddle rag, I don't sleep with strangers anymore, Indiana, Sterner stuff, Flying spring of '44, Canadian capers, Un bon mouton, Boys of the old brigade, Look what becomes of me, Low interest account, Blue around the border, Tugboats
Thoroughly Canadian Record Label - NICK 4
* VINYL in NM condition
* JACKET in NM condition
Stringband: Bob Bossin, Marie-Lynn Hammond, Terry King
Producer: Mike Snook
Electric bass: Alan Soberman
Other Musicians: John Adames, Pineapple Frank Barth, Charles Benson, Frank Dixon, Hane Fair, Earl Marek, Louis Natale, Stan Rogers, Chris Whitely, Elizabeth Bowes, Stew Cameron, Bob Hewus, Bob Ketchen, The Friends of Fiddler’s Green