Tegan & Sara

Tegan and Sara So Jelous

Release Date: Sep 14, 2004
Label: Vapor Records



Tegan and Sara If it was you

Released: August.20.2002
Superclose Music - 7697422282 (Canada)
Vapor Records/Sanctuary - 06076-89400-2 (USA)
Compact Disc, Vinyl
Produced by: John Collins and David Carswell
All songs written by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin
TEGAN AND SARA charm everyone they reach. They're funny. They're full of attitude. They're twins. They're confident. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE. The real reason their popularity continues to grow is because they write great songs. Their second U.S. album, If It Was You, was produced by John Collins and Dave Carswell of The New Pornographers and The Smugglers. It showcases the girls' penchant for writing diverse music and incredibly melodic tunes, with lyrics that range from open heart surgery-style intimacy to coy cleverness. T&S have hit their stride as songwriters, and they will not be ignored.

Tegan and Sara This Business of Art

Released: 2000
Superclose Music - 012 159 399-2 (Canada)
Vapor Records - 9 47684-2 (USA)
Compact Disc, Vinyl
Produced by: Hawksley Workman
All songs written by Tegan Quin and Sara Quin
Tegan And Sara's first U.S. release is an incredibly poised debut album. Raw and heartfelt songwriting coupled with strong and intelligent lyrics make it hard to believe that this album was written when the sisters were still in their teens. When an album combines good songs with passion and intelligence. . .you know you're on to something special! To top it of, how many bands can say they've rocked the Late Show with Letterman and opened for Neil Young and The Pretenders.

Tegan and Sara Under Feet Like Ours

Released: 1999/Re-Released: 2001
Independent: Plunk Records - STCD-001
Compact Disc -Out of Print-

This CD is 'almost impossible to find' and priced for its rarity

These CDs are not the recent reprint with 13 tracks. They are the real gems with the original 12 tracks.

Produced by Tegan and Sara and Jared Kuemper
Engineered and Mixed by Jared Kuemper

Additional Players: Tegan and Sara (guitar and vocals), Aaron Burke (drums), Jara Muzzik (electric guitar), Jeremy Coates (bass), Lilly Penner (cello), Kristian Alexandrov (programming, piano, percussion), Marc Tremblay (bass)