Magic Garbage Can
Ric Lafontaine and Elly Parker

Ric Lafontaine/ Elly Parker magic garbage can

includes a bonus track of 'Michael' recorded live
A new printing of the sold-out original release with revised printing and graphics **plus** a bonus track of their popular song 'michael' recorded live at River's Edge Studio in Parksville by friend and engineer Dan Lameire.

Ric Lafontaine / Elly Parker magic garbage can acoustic

A new 'live' acoustic recording of the original release from bLUE eCHO studio.

The ‘magic garbage can’ CD is a milestone for Elly Parker and Ric Lafontaine. Both singer/songwriters were inspired by their combined family of 7 children, and 10 grand children. In the tradition of ‘the Fables of La Fontaine,’ the album is filled with colorful characters faced with some of life’s challenges. Like Ric and Elly, the songs celebrate life in a magical way.

We love that new CD. Its fantastic - start to finish. Ally is particulary partial to 'Dr. Muffin', the elephant song and 'Peggy's on the Go'. I love the 'grumpies' and most of all the rain song. The messages are clear and fun without preaching. Ally is going to be psyched for next live performance - let us know about any dates. Take care. Peter Harris

Your collaborative children's CD is truly MAGIC!

"I wish it was widely available, so children could enjoy their childhoods again in innocence and wonder. The families who can hear and buy a copy are indeed lucky. I can't say enough good things about it, except I want two more copies for the children of a niece and a nephew."
Reviewer: Bev Gordon