Streeper, Brent

Brent Streeper is one of the last of a great tradition - the "crooner". In the style of Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and many others that blazed the trail of that genre, Brent is equal to the best of them. He's played in many of the same places, from Palm Springs, california to Kansas City, Missouri. Smoky lounges to high-class nightclubs, Brent Streeper has fans at all levels of music appreciation.

With his soft, mellow voice, and his exceptional piano playing, Brent can take you back to those days where "The Brown Derby" and the "Copa Cabana" were the places to see and be seen. He plays many of the traditional classics from that era, plus he adds some new tunes to the mix. On his three albums, there is a pleasant mix of the familiar with originals.

Of the originals, about half were written by the songwriting team of Brent Streeper and Dave Davies. While Davies writes the lyrics, Streeper turns them into the magic that they become under his excellent grasp of music.

The other half of the original songs are by Kelly Burk, another GSC Records songwriter. Kelly wrote these tunes in a complately different context - his roots are in "New Country". It is a tribute to the quality of the songs that they can be moved into the Piano Bar style with such ease. Like only great songs, in the hands of great artists, can do, the songs by Brent Streeper's renditions of the Kelly Burk albums will stay with us for a very, very long time. 

Frank Sinatra is legendary for his intolerance of bad singing. Even worse than bad singing, he hated his own songs being sung badly! So given that attitude, it's an indication of just how good Brent Streeper is that hen is only one of three people in the world that "Old Blues Eyes" would allow to sing I Did It My Way in his presence, even to the extent that he got up and sang with Brent whenever he got a chance!

Brent has shared the stage with other luminaries of that era as well, including Vic Damone and Dianne Carroll. At another time in his career, he was the house pianist for Sonny Bono's nightclub in Palm Springs for years.

Brent has appeared on several GSC Records projects, including Kelly Burk's first and second albums (Born to Roam and Perfect Windy Day), Little Marty's Swingalbum, Jump Back, and Marcelle Nokony's combination fiddle and classical violin CD, No Strings Attached. This last album brought Brent together with Valdy, Canada's foremost folk singer, who with his wife Kathleen, wrote original words to the classical piece, Pachelbel's Canon.


Brent Streeper
The Saltspring Sessions #1

Style: Vocal/Instrumental
Released: 2001
Producer: Dave Davies
Recorded: At GSC Records, Salt Spring Island, Canada
Label: GSC Records Inc.

xceptional Piano Playing, and a Beautiful Voice - one of 3 people that Frank Sinatra would allow to sing in his presence. Performed with Frank Sinatra, Dianne Carroll, Vic Damone, and was house pianist for Sonny Bono's nightclub