Cowichan Valley

Andy Ruszel 'grass

a classic debut album by island songwriter Andy Ruszel

"bluegrass, reggae and other musical traditions blend to make this original cd one of the finer musical products to come from Vancouver Island. One of my all-time favorite songcrafters"
Ric Lafontaine
Cd Isle

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Bijoux Du Bayou Canajun Pardi Gras

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Put on your dancin' shoes!
Bijoux Du Bayou's high-energy music combines Cajun, Zydeco, Swing, Calypso, and a few other flavors to create a sound that would make the Amish want to do the Bugaloo!
From fast-paced infectious tunes to a slow lovers' waltz, you'll love Bijoux Du Bayou's Canajun Pardi Gras.

Bob Campbell

Bob Campbell - Over sensitive, middle aged male, Singer/Songwriter from the Cowichan Valley (Vancouver Island, Canada), releases his first CD, "ditchflowers".

....."valley famous", "man about town", "all around nice guy", seeks other valleys and towns where ditchflowers bloom.

.....make 'em laugh, make 'em cry, 'it's gotta mean somethin' or what's the use...folk music? from the heart, for the heart...give it a listen, hope you like it.  -Bob

Deb Maike Garden Of Love

Mother, wife and grandmother, Deb wears her experiences along with her heart on her sleeve as she probes the hopes, dreams, frustrations and joys of womanhood with intimacy and insight. Steve McKinnon and Nikki Nilsson join Maike's familiar warm vocals with soothing harmonies which refreshed the spirit like a cool breeze on a hot summer afternoon. John Law on lead guitar and mandolin.

Eddy Gouchie
Heart of a Vagabond

Guitar Player, Songwriter Eddy Gouchie, born on the east coast, now living in the Cowichan Valley. Started writing as a child on the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick. Eddy has travelled the country many times building a selection of songs that are as traditional as they are contemporary. A dedicated family man of simple truths, complex lies and slight exaggerations.

Joe Charron Born In Winter

Will Millar The Keeper

only 1 cassette (still sealed)