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Ric Lafontaine / Elly Parker magic garbage can acoustic

A new 'live' acoustic recording of the original release from bLUE eCHO studio.

The ‘magic garbage can’ CD is a milestone for Elly Parker and Ric Lafontaine. Both singer/songwriters were inspired by their combined family of 7 children, and 10 grand children. In the tradition of ‘the Fables of La Fontaine,’ the album is filled with colorful characters faced with some of life’s challenges. Like Ric and Elly, the songs celebrate life in a magical way.

We love that new CD. Its fantastic - start to finish. Ally is particulary partial to 'Dr. Muffin', the elephant song and 'Peggy's on the Go'. I love the 'grumpies' and most of all the rain song. The messages are clear and fun without preaching. Ally is going to be psyched for next live performance - let us know about any dates. Take care. Peter Harris

Your collaborative children's CD is truly MAGIC!

"I wish it was widely available, so children could enjoy their childhoods again in innocence and wonder. The families who can hear and buy a copy are indeed lucky. I can't say enough good things about it, except I want two more copies for the children of a niece and a nephew."
Reviewer: Bev Gordon

Brent and Woofy Homemade Re-Made

Brent's first CD featuring 13 songs. 13 original songs about growing, rainy days, flying unicorns and more! Plus 'Thank You Mr. D' a tribute to Mr. Dressup.

Will Millar The Keeper

only 1 cassette (still sealed)

Graham Walker CATS' NIGHT OUT

On everyone's list as one of the very best kids CDs available. It's a happy storyland set to jazz, jigs, rock and reggae. Graham's first CD, it has become a big hit with over 50,000 sold.
"A wonderful collection of songs. Your kids will LOVE this album!
... Island Parent Magazine, Victoria B.C.

Lisa Atkinson The Elephant In Aisle Four

Winner of 4 Awards
The Elephant In Aisle Four

Parent's Guide To Children's Media Award
Children's Web Award
Selected as Outstanding by The Parent Council
Film Advisory Board Award Of Excellence

Light hearted, playful songs about animals interwoven with themes of family and community. Song titles include: Puppy Kisses, Turn Off The TV, Katie The Kangaroo,  Something To Sing About, Wonderful Wiggly Worms, Butterfly and more.

Jeannine Munn Rompin' With Razzberry Ripple

released in 1992
Pairoloons Productions
a real treat from Jeannine Munn, better known today as part of the touring duo 'Jack n' Lefty'. Recorded and released in 1992, this cd is a treasure to add to the Cd Isle archive from one of Saltspring Island's own.

Dreaming Dragon Polliwog Castle

a musical adventure story
A Tale of Polliwog Castle’ is an original story about Sam Campbell,
a young boy who is first tricked by a frog he is chasing in a local creek.
Next, the King of Polliwog Castle – a crusty old bullfrog -
sentences Sam to rid his kingdom of Nasty Elves,
a heart-stopping challenge Sam undertakes with two animal companions.
But no sooner does Sam complete this task when
he faces an even larger menace – the Luce, a horrific, fire-spitting dragon.
Will Sam overcome the Luce and make it home again?
Listen to Polliwog Castle and find out! Cast of Story Characters Narrator/Sam Campbell/Old Toad - Michael Maser Ferdinand (frog)/Old King (frog) - Lisa Housden Murdoch (mouse) - Kiel Strang Guard - Allan Maser Lisa (muskrat) - Robin Maser Housden Ogella (nasty elf) - Jan Michael Sherman

Rick Scott Making Faces

12 original songs to delight the ear and tickle the funny bone.

Making Faces has been winning awards !
2000 Parent's Choice Approved
Chicago Parent's Year 2000 Top Ten CDs

16 page full colour insert with lyrics, includes :

  • I Speak Duck (in French and English)
  • a new version of Rick's oft requested rap tribute to Mozart, The Yo Mo Concerto
  • Song For My Dearest Friend
  • Making Faces
  • Song For Australia
  • Do Overs
  • KittyCow
  • Brewery Creek
  • Don't Know Blues
  • Purple Elephant
  • Get Well Card
  • Way Out There

Harmonic Hatchery Band Leave It All To The Music

Jazz, funk, and more in an album that is ostensibly "for kids", but who's to say what "kids" are, anyway......?

Music and Lyrics by jazz pianist Ron Hadley (ASCAP)

Ron Hadley: piano, all instruments (in real time via midi keyboard), sound samples & voice; Sue Klassen: voice; Gail Heavilin: voice; Jim Cameron: tenor & baritone saxophones; Jack Carder: trumpet & flugabone; Bob Neale: bass; Ray Brunelle: drums

Copyright 2001 by Ron Hadley
All Rights Reserved

Viva Choirs
Viva Viva!

released December 5, 1998

Only 1 used cd available in (near new) condition

"Viva VIVA!" is the apt title of the VIVA Choir's first compact disk, released December 5, 1998. Artistic Director Connie Foss More has selected the best examples from the choir's first 10 years, making the CD a "hit parade" of this treble choir's favourite international folk music and art music recordings. Venues range from Victoria's St. Andrew's Cathedral to London's Church of St-Martin-in-the-Fields and include some international competition performances.